We hope you can help

You may be able to help us identify America’s missing heroes. If you are a family member of an individual who is Missing in Action, JPAC CIL may be able to use a sample of your DNA to help them with the identification process. However, JPAC does not need a sample from just any family member – they can only use samples from family members who share the same mtDNA as the missing service member. Mitochondrial DNA is only passed on through the maternal line. You can search the JPAC CIL database by clicking here or contact us and we will be glad to help you.

But What if  I am not a  family  member

Anyone can help - even if you are not a family member you can still help.  If you know of a casualty  or service member who is listed as "missing in action", perhaps  someone from your home town, home state or a  service member who served in the same unit as you, and  you know their family, please let us know.  With your help, we may be able to research the family's history to determine if there are living relatives  from whom we can obtain DNA samples. 

Click here for a listing of Vietnam era DNA samples that are needed for identification or click  here  for a listing of DNA samples that are needed from service member families from wars prior to the Vietnam war. Or you can search the JPAC database by Clicking here for a list of Family Reference Samples (FRS) required by JPAC.


We Respect and Assure Your Privacy

The intent of our mission is to bring home the service members who have fought so bravely for their Country and families.  These service members deserve to be reunited with their families and their families deserve closure.  Rest assured that if you contact us or provide any information to uswe will respect your privacy.  We will use the information that you provide you to us only for the purposes of assisting with remains identification and will not use it for any other purpose.  We will not release your information to other government agencies or any other organizations.